August 8, 2014

It’s time to call it quits

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I’ve spent several years and dreams on this site, but have not been able to invest as much as I should have. As a result of time, energy, and money, this site will be taken down at the end of its domain term and moved to http://nativestrength.indianheadmedia.net. Keep an eye on www.indianheadmedia.net in the coming Read the Rest…

September 29, 2008


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NativeStrength.com, as you may see it, is one among millions of blogs. Native Strength, is an idea…an ideal…it is a fundamental concept regarding how the native peoples of North America have been able to survive as an ethnic group through years of what can almost be considered ethnological genocide.

March 14, 2009

The Reason Behind It

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I grew up like many of the native americans who will see this project.
I am of mixed heritage. I am african american, native american, and a
mixture of things unknown. In my entire life, the 25% of my blood that
is native american has had the greatest impact on my life. I may have
been born a victim of the one-drop rule and considered black by it,
but I was raised red.
Other cultures cannot fully imagine the impact of growing up as a
native american and being called hispanic your whole life.

Native American Actors

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This is a list taken from www.wikipedia.org of Actors who are claiming Native American decent. This is a bold decision for some.

The ugly media

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In recent years, we have been making a comeback! Through renewed pride, reduced prejudice, and self-determination, we are becoming more than sheer statistics. Thank you to those who have gone against the trend and are proud to be born of Native American descent.


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Sometimes you gotta get lost to find yourself. The custom and
constitution of this country guarantees the availability of access to
education up until senior year of high school. If you graduate, there
is opportunity for higher education in either private institutions or
subsidized public colleges and universities.
For those of Native American decent, there are particular scholarships
that only we are eligible for.

March 18, 2009

A Native American Identity?

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We are so many peoples, so many individual cultures, so many thoughts,
and so many ideals. What is it that binds us to one another? What
consistent things are there that craft a basic Native American
As many of you who may be offended by the idea of quantifying us down
to singular notions of self, just as many if not more of you have no
definitions to offer. I’m not saying something simplistic as we are
born horseback riders, red, or anything else. I’m merely saying that
there has to be more than just being born and being told by your
relatives that you are native american.

March 26, 2009

Don’t call it a comeback

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Don’t call it a comeback. We never really left the land of mass media culture. Face it. Native Americans will forever be an aspect of American Culture. Too many ideals and cultural facets have been duplicated with and without credit for us to ever disappear.

April 2, 2009

Why am I proud to be native born?

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“National Security since 1492,” is a statement that many of us have seen seen for the past few years on t-shirts, posters, and even the internet. As a people, we have been here far longer. As a culture, we have survived longer than most and have preserved many traditions. We have a lot of reasons to take pride in our heritage. What is it that makes you proud to be born native? How do you see the pride and strength of your culture?
The answers to these questions are among the reasons why we have not disappeared.

April 15, 2009

Minnesota forgets its Native American past

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In a recent e-mail to constituents, Rep. Tony Cornish (District 24B) made the following statement about the recent bonding bill: “This includes nearly $6 million for schools in Red Lake, which is a tribal facility located in a nation not governed by Minnesota laws. We’ve spent nearly $60 million for the Red Lake schools in the past, and now the House majority wants to send another $6 million there.

Fighting bad grades in Alaska

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Shafts of sunlight stream through the windows and illuminate the four sixth-graders gathered around the table with Kerri Wood.

Wood is working to solve a vexing problem: Get these kids up to grade level.

Wood is the Indian-education tutor at Tyson Elementary in Mountain View. She is part of a multi-pronged effort involving the Anchorage School District, nonprofits and tribal groups to close the test-score gap between Anchorage’s 4,200 Native students and the rest of the district’s 48,000 kids.

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